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Spiritual support for those who are on the frontlines of fighting fraud

FraudWit is considering developing a Christian ministry to support those in the trenches of fighting fraud. Those in the industry can have stressful lives.

We as anti-fraud professionals have to balance stopping crime, protecting the vulnerable, preventing losses, enabling the business, and keeping our employees  productive, knowledgeable, and committed. And that is just at work. Combine that with friends, families, homelife, church, and can be exhausting and spiritually draining. Many of us are too busy to do much more. We don't recharge and we don't pray enough (or our prayers are faint).

We need more positives in our lives to keep us in the game for the long haul. We need our Faith to drive some of that. This ministry would focus on empowering fraud fighters to use their Faith everyday to be a positive influence in our companies, to our customers, and to our friends and family.

For more information or support, or if you just need someone to pray for you, use the contact link to send a message.

God bless your career!

Fraud Fighter Ministry: Welcome
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