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1st Annual Fictional Character Synthetic Identity Award

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Synthetic Identity fraudsters gathered last night in an awards ceremony that celebrated their criminality. One award that stood out above the rest was the 1st Annual Fictional Character Synthetic Identity Award. The award centered around made-up characters with made up synthetic identities.

A synthetic identity is a fraudulently created identity leveraging true and/or fictitious PII (Personally Identifiable Information). It is a form of identity fraud that is related but different from true name identity theft and identity manipulation.

As the runners up were announced, the room became quiet but tense. Who would win?

One of the first runner-ups was a favorite for the award. Andy Dufresne was a banker who was falsely accused and convicted of murder. While in prison he worked for the crooked prison warden, creating the synthetic identity of Randall Stephens. This helped Dufresne with his subsequent prison break and escape to the city of Zihuatanejo in Mexico.

The next runner up was a very questionable one to the mix for multiple reasons. A pig seems a long shot for a synthetic identity. Mostly because there isn't a lot of PII to use (and because they are a pig). But this living side of bacon posed as a dog to herd sheep on the Hoggett farm. While Babe acted as a sheepdog, it isn't likely that any of the sheep believed it...they were just being nice. In addition, Babe didn't so much create a fake identity as he did to identify as something he was not.

In third place came Aladdin, who created an identity as "Prince Ali." The street rat used this identity to go from stealing fruit from food stales to stealing the heart of a princess. A genie, monkey, and flying carpet helped as well.

Invader Zim took second place. Kudos to any alien who can pretend to be a human. Despite his overall success to blend in and learn about the humans to be able to invade the planet, it wasn't without some recognition. Dib Membrane was always on the alien's heals trying to expose him as a fake.

The audience, who clapped vigorously after every runner up, was once again silent in their seats. The Fictional Character Synthetic Identity Award was then announced.

Jason Bourne was the award winner. Jason Bourne or David Webb? Delta One? George P. Washburn or a handful of other aliases? This guy has synthetic identities down. Even the book/movie title has the word "identity" in it. Too bad he has so much trouble remembering his own (Webb).

The crowd rose and cheered for Bourne/Webb. If these fictional characters could create alternative identities, so could the identity criminals. Inspired, they went on with their award ceremony where they congratulated themselves for lying, stealing, and being downright nasty people.

For those keeping track, this is a satirical website making a fictional post about a fake award for fictional characters posing as fabricated people (or in one case a sheepdog)…mind blown yet?


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