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All Eyes in The Sky for Fintech CashFly’s Drone ATM

ALASKA –As consumers are looking for ways of avoiding banks and public facing ATMs, a new company is on the rise to take the cash withdrawal industry by storm.

Alaska based fintech CashFly is creating a fleet of mobile ‘Drone ATMs’ to service those in hard-to-reach places.

“A few years ago, I was out hiking in the wilderness and thought to myself, what if I needed cash,” states founder and CEO Jack Montana. “The idea came to me that if I could somehow fly the cash in, I would be alright. When I got back from my trip I went to work and came up with CashFly. This is sure to be a great idea.”

The service combines ATM and drone technology to deliver cash through a seamless application based on the location on a customer’s mobile device. Once the CashFly Drone arrives, the cash withdrawal process is the same as any other machine.

While those looking for cash in hard places to reach are waiting for the fleet of drones to roll out, investors are scrambling to invest in the new company.

“There is no downside to this,” says stock expert Wallis Strete. “This IPO will soar higher than the drones will. Limitless possibilities.”

Not everyone is as optimistic about the offering though. Those in the tech world are wondering what scheme(s) could send the drones directly into the hands of criminals. While the market goes wild for CashFly, experts are working diligently to see what highly sophisticated attacks are in store for the drones.

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