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Coalition of Fishermen Protest Anti-Phishing Campaign

FLORIDA – A coalition of fishermen took to social media platforms yesterday to protest an anti-phishing campaign that they feel is hurting their long and noble trade.

“There have been fishers for millennia,” states Haggis McFishmonger. “These phishing folk have no business dragging our name through the seaweed. We were here first!” While phishing attacks are still on the rise, sources say that the fishing industry is showing a 47% decrease in sales.

“Phishing…fishing… I don’t know who to trust,” says Laura Fillet in an interview at a local grocery store. “I don’t buy fish anymore because I don’t want my information exposed.”

The general lack of clarity has not gone unnoticed by the anti-phishing campaign LureDeep Antiphish. In a publicly issued statement, LureDeep explains that some of the confusion stems from a recent infograph that they ran which highlighted an angry looking fisherman reeling a person in. The infograph also detailed out that phishing is the attempt to capture information from a person by posing as a trustworthy source. LureDeep Antiphish has since offered an apology to fishermen everywhere.

“While I appreciate that gesture,” continues McFishmonger, “it may be a little too late .Just the other day a little boy saw me on my boat and shouted, ‘you’ll never get my information’ and ran away. I’m just an old fishermen looking to catch fish. I don’t want your information.”

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