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Compendium of Scams

2023 is going to be a big year for scams. We are going to see some record numbers come out for 2022 and don't expect it to stop. Success breeds success for scammers as well as those trying to stop the schemes. Let's hope it is more for the latter to protect consumers, stop funding criminals, and save everyone some hard earned cash.

Over the past year and a half I've been amassing resources and posts regarding a cornucopia of consumer based scams. Below is a "Compendium of Scams," detailing out the various presentations and satirical posts. While a lot is detailed out, this is not an exhaustive list. Plus, scams are always changing. This information is available to anyone and can be distributed. I hope it helps you in your fight against scams!


DICTIONARY OF CONSUMER SCAMS [Now With Scam Realization Talking Points!]

Protecting the Flock: Overview of Consumer Scams

Mobilizing People Groups To Prevent Scams

7,560 Scam Variants In Short Form

How A Puppy Scam Works

How Scammers Level Up Through Scam Hybridization

How An Authority Scam Works

How A Car Wrap Scam Works

How A Sweetheart Scam Works

How A Vacation Rental Scam Works

How A Grandparent Scam Works

How A Celebrity Imposter Scam Works

How A Pig Butchering Scam Works

How A Work-From-Home Scam Works

How Current Event Scams Work

The Emotional Rollercoaster of a Scam

FraudWit Explains Fake Same Maker Check Scams

Satirical Posts

Florida Man Sets Record For Keeping Phone Scammer on the Line for Eight Straight Hours

Eight-Year-Old Concludes Fishing Lures Are Scamming Fish

The Barn Wrap Scam

New Study Finds That 0% Of People Not Using Social Media Are Defrauded Through Social Media Scams

Bodhi Grom Quimby - Scam Surfer Who Rides the Waves of Fraud

Would-Be Scam Victim Assumes Imposter Is Grandchild But Refuses To Pay Fake Bail

Pugalicious Superstar McMillan And The Cincinnati Sweetheart Scam

Lens of Truth Found to Identify Scams

Five Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Sweetheart Scammer Is Sure To Enjoy

Pugalicious Superstar McMillan Identifies A 'Graham Cracker' Business Scam

Self-Proclaimed World's Greatest Scammer Defrauded; Doesn't Like It Much

Customer Blames Store For Selling Him Gift Cards Related To A Scam After He Lied To Cashier

The Bit-o-coin Scam

Inheritance Scammer Sets World Record For Highest Percentage of Typos on a Scam Email

Romance Scammer Annoyed That Cash Sent By Victim Was Intercepted By Mail Theft

Scammers 'Strangely' Unaffected By Inflation

Choose Your Own Adventure: Bo Gus Records Artist Signing Scam

Self-Proclaimed ‘World's Greatest Scammer’ Accidently Scams Self

Book-A-Scam: Fictitious Vacation Rental Options With Zero Research and Absolutely No Validation

World Endurance Scam Call Championship’s 48 Hours of Phone Scam Calls

Other Scam Posts

The Scam of the Serpent

How Funds Availability On Check Deposits Can Amplify Bad Funds Scams

FraudWit's Stuffed Scammers

Bodhi Grom Quimby: Scam Surfer (Video)

Piggy Banks, Don't Let That Scammer Take Your Bacon

The Gift Card Scam Octagon

Rick Roll Romance Scam By Ben

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