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Computer Programmer Posthumously Convicted of Corporate Espionage

Nearly 30 years after the initial incident on Isle Nublar, the world is still dealing with the aftereffects of Jurassic Park. Despite best efforts to contain the problem to just a handful of movies, another chapter of the story has yet to unfold.

What happens next is sure to be spectacular, but it leads to the question "how did we get here?" The scientific experiment and intended tourist destination had many security protocols. The staff were trained and competent and the animals that inhabited the park were well contained.

The answer is found with a disgruntled computer programmer. Lead Programmer Dennis Nedry accepted money from a competitor to acquire dinosaur embryos.

To do this, he needed to access the embryo storage room. For some reason, the security associated with this location required him to power down the whole park. This was a flawed process. Nedry's attempted double crossing led to the chain of events which resulted in the park being overrun.

Shortly after the power went down, Nedry attempted to flee with the embryos. He didn't get far though. Heading towards the docks in one of the park's Jeep Wrangler's, the programmer lost control of the vehicle during a storm.

With the Jeep disabled, Nedry attempted to connect a winch cable to a tree to be able to get the 4X4 unstuck. He was successful in securing the cable.

Then he heard a strange noise. Looking back, he saw a diloposaurus staring at him. With no food to provide the dinosaur a treat with, he threw a stick. The animal was temporarily distracted enough for the large man to get back to the Jeep.

Diloposaurus' are not stupid creatures though. This one in particular must have known that Dennis Nedry was not a good person (either that or it was hungry). Blinding him with some black spit, it the allowed him to reenter the driver's side door. The reptile then climbed in the passenger seat and finished the crooked programmer off.

Dennis Nedry's crime was Corporate Espionage, attempting to steal the secrets of the island. Though he paid with his life because of his indiscretions, he receives a posthumous conviction. The effects of the crime are still at play, all for some dino eggs stuffed into a can of Barbasol, which ended up lost in some mud.

As for the diloposaurus, it stands as a reminder to those considering selling company secrets. You don't want to end up in the rain with a broken-down vehicle and a hungry acid spitting reptilian predator to answer to.

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