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Cookie Monster Admits To Being ‘Floored’ About Accepting All Cookies When Online

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

In an all too familiar street lives a monster who is obsessed with the sweet treats known as cookies. For years, Cookie Monster has chomping on them and exclaiming how great a good cookie is. FraudWit (FW) was able to obtain a special interview with the monster, focusing in on Cookie Monster’s (CM) perspective on internet cookies.

FW: Cookie Monster, you have stated for years that you like all cookies. Is that a correct statement?

CM: YES, me loooove COOKIES?

FW: Chocolate chip?


FW: Peanut butter?


FW: Snickerdoodle?

CM: FAVORITE with milk.

FW: Molasses cookies?

CM [pauses]: favorite…me like MOLASSES COOKIES!

FW: German Springerle cookies?

CM [confused]: Cookie Monster does not know.

FW: No problem Cookie Monster. Let’s change topics slightly. What do you think about internet cookies?


FW: Do you accept internet cookies when you are visiting websites?

CM: ...Cookie Monster is really floored about internet cookies. Me accept ALL COOKIES!

FW: And would you say that you clear out the cookies from time to time?

CM [slightly offended]: Why me do that? ME LOVE COOKIES! Where these questions come from?

FW: Cookie, what are your thoughts on 'cookie stuffing'?

CM [triumphantly proclaiming]: Double stuffed! All-time FAVORITE!

FW: It seems to me like you aren’t familiar with these things.

CM: The letter of the day is “C.” “C” is for “Cookie.”

FW: That isn’t relevant. Well, this has been very insightful Cookie Monster. Thank you very much for your time. I’ve left you a plate of Habanero Maple Cookies. These are rather spicy...

CM [making for the cookies and consuming them all]: Habanero Maple Cookies are number one all time favorite! Nom nom nom! COOKIES!!! Wait…hot…need milk!

FW [handing over a glass of milk]: Here you are Cookie Monster. Maybe you don't like all cookies after all.

CM: Me have cookie problem...

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