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Couple Perplexed To Find Home Robbed After Posting Their Vacation In Real-time On Social Media

WASHINGTON – Social media influencers Grant and Vicky Fairlane hashtagged their astonishment and sadness after returning from their luxurious vacation in the Florida Keys, finding their house bare.

“#stolendreams #notcool,” ended a recent Mugtome post by Vicky. Grant took to ClickClock to post videos with the empty house in the background.

The theft all started when the couple decided to visit the Florida Keys, partly to relax but more so to be able to generate social media content on the various platforms they influence on. With phones on them at all times, they documented their lives on the beach for all to see.

“Too bad you are not here,” stated Vicky in a video post. “Grant and I are having a great time, right babe?” The couple kissed and went back to their pool side mimosas. Meanwhile, those on the digital multiverse took to commenting and liking. If only they could be like Grant and Vicky and go on such a lavish vacation.

From a social media presence standpoint, Grant and Vicky were doing well. Most of what they were promoting was in real-time, with additional content they would edit and post later to their video media accounts. However, what they did not realize was that they were traveling back to a bare mini mansion.

The couple shared so much of their lives that it attracted some thieves to follow them. Grant and Vicky were always trying out the latest clothes, cosmetics and gadgets. They had a few motorized toys, including Grant’s customized 1996 Nissan 300ZX Turbo. Piecing their location together, the thieves just needed an opportunity for the couple to be gone for an extended amount of time.

Another factor that helped the thieves access and steal from the Fairlane’s was an extended video segment that Grant compiled when their home security system was installed. This information came in handy when the bandits went onto the Fairlane’s property while the two were gallivanting in the Keys.

Not at all burnt out from documenting their lives, Vicky had her phone taking video when Grant went to open their house door after an Uber dropped them off from the airport (which they also documented [#notmycar #whydopeopledrivecorollas]). She was able to capture the full extent of his reaction when he found nothing of value in their house.

“WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?” he kept saying 'what'. Not thinking that this in of itself could make it big on ClickClock, she stopped recording to join in to the “WHATING”. Their $10,000 coffee maker was gone. Their 85” luxury TV had been removed. Rugs, furniture, kitchen utensils, computers, their bed…all gone. Grant ran to the garage to discover that his Z had been driven away. The thieves had only left a set of folding chairs that the couple had mocked on an earlier product review. At least the thieves were taking note.

“This is not cool. How could something like this even happen? How would anyone even know we were gone?” asks Grant to his ClickClock audience. “Also, the security system completely failed so I am going to write to the company. Nobody should buy from KEViD, they are garbage!”

Meanwhile, Vicky has created a montage of different sad faces she makes in each room of the empty house while Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” plays in the background. She expects it to trend high. At least the two are trying to make the most of the bad situation.

In the future, the Fairlane’s might want to consider changing some of their social media posting habits as it relates to their privacy. While they haven’t pieced it together yet, they gave up the keys to their castle when they decided to share way too much of their lives with strangers on the web. And while doing so has made them digitally popular, it also made them easy targets for someone looking for a robbery opportunity.

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