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Cyber Attacks Threaten Reboots of Numerous Cyborg and Mech Suit Characters

As malware attacks continue to rise and evolve, there is growing concern that it may be problematic for fictional cyborg and mech suit characters.

The various universes these characters inhabit have touched on the risks at different times. The issue is that these were often instances of short circuiting software or attacks by known adversaries (nemeses).

"Such an attack would come from an unknown entity, most likely in a dark and empty room, wearing a hoodie," states cyber fraud nerd Dexter Hollis. "The characters wouldn't stand a chance. Some would be simply turned off. Others would be forced to perform nefarious tasks, turning them from heroes to puppet villains."

Some of the characters are nervous to reboot themselves on screen, on TV, or in gaming. Gizmoduck, hoping to comeback into the public eye, is now having second thoughts about it.

"It has been a long time since my name came up. I really wanted to get my own show but I'm scared that every episode will just be someone trying to shut me down." Others share similar viewpoints.

"The last thing we need is for Robocop or Iron man to lose control of themselves," claims intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran. "I worry about that for myself sometimes. I guess we all need to make sure our antivirus protection is up to date and that we don't click on any suspicious links. We don't want to end up like Inspector Gadget."

Inspector Gadget, looking for yet another reboot, was prepping for a new movie trilogy (followed by a miniseries, video game, and merchandise) when he clicked on a link on a phishing email. Soon after doing, this his Gadget Copter deployed and he flew away. He has not been heard from since, though has been spotted a few times...and that was a few weeks ago.

Dexter Hollis concludes, "these characters need to be very careful at this time in their fictional lives. Cyber attacks were not even in existence when most of them were created. If they can't protect themselves, these story lines are going to all result in disappointment for fans and disaster for those characters."

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of Inspector Gadget, please contact Penny Brown and her dog Brain.

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