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Dieter Commits ‘Pedometer Fraud’ To Allocate Phantom Calories

TENNESSEE – Dieting has never been easy for Devin Shiloh. At the beginning of the year things were tough. Though he had dropped 11 pounds, Devin found dieting hard. The food tracking and the need for exercise. There had to be a different way.

Shiloh, wanting all the benefits of being a dieter, figured out a new way to make the calories work on the tracker. His dieting was largely based on pedometer steps and calorie tracking through an app. Being lethargic for a long part of the day, he realized no physical progress was being made. He also wanted more snacks and soft drinks.

“I realized that the time spent sitting around wasted my fitness plan. I wanted more calories to be able to eat,” explains Shiloh. “So, I bought one of those birds that go up and down, drinking water. If I attached my pedometer just right, I could get thousands of extra steps throughout the day! That met more snacks, all while dieting!”

While Shiloh believed this to be a success, his weight loss has stopped. In fact, over the next month he actually gained three pounds.

“We see this far too often,” states food fraudologist Sherman McSurge. “You have someone who is successful but frustrated that they have to exercise self-control. They find a shortcut; they lie to themselves. In this case Devin schemed to portray an increase in physical exertion to be able to allocate Phantom Calories. It is basic ‘Pedometer Fraud’ that Devin has committed against himself.”

While ‘Pedometer Fraud’ is not currently a criminal offense, it does have negative health and psychological consequences. Those engaged in it may not make their goals, justifying poor food choices in the process.

“To combat this, I recommend wearing pedometers or fitness trackers whenever movement takes place,” continues McSurge. “If not in use, put it down. And if you are in a stationary position with one on, move around a bit.”

Despite these suggestions and pointing out that he is committing Pedometer Fraud on himself, Devin Shiloh tells that he will continue on with his current drinking bird pedometer crime.

“What is important is that I stay within the calories on the app. I just found an easier way to do it than ‘exercising’ or ‘eating right.”

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