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Ditto Convicted On Multiple Counts Of Identity Theft After Posing As Other Pokémon

CELADON CITY – Purple blob Pokémon Ditto was convicted on five counts of aggravated identity theft after impersonating other Pokémon in March and April 2022. Initial court hearings were short as the defendant could only say “Ditto” when asked whether it pled guilty or not.

Video footage was submitted for evidence that showed the creature posing as other animals. The defense lawyer asserted that Ditto acted in this way because its special move was to transform.

“You can’t hold it against the little blob,” states Ditto’s Pokémon attorney Meowthe. “It’s just in its nature to impersonate others. And was it really identity theft?”

Despite the defense’s claim, the prosecution ended up winning the case, countering that Ditto’s repeated transformations to pose as others caused victim’s trauma. Victim’s included Pokémon Voltorb, Bulbasaur, Snorlax, Eevee, and Psyduck.

The successful investigation which resulted in the conviction was led by none other than Detective Pikachu, who worked meticulously to piece together the crime. Interviewing victims and reviewing video evidence, he concluded that the imposter Ditto always had the same beady eyes, even while posing as other Pokémon.

"Pika, Pikachu, Pika-pika," the sleuthing animal said. "Pika-pi, chu...chu." Many people are shocked by this mouse-like creature's skills. Others are shocked by the creature itself.

Sentencing for Ditto’s offenses is set for next month and is expected to be between two to five years in prison. Ditto is currently being held in a maximum security Pokéball until sentencing commences.

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