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Elder Abuse: Financial Exploitation

This presentation was based on Chapter Eleven of “Protecting The Flock: Church Fraud Prevention and Education” which can be found at

You make your way into your local credit union to make a withdrawal from your bank account. As you stand in line you notice a correspondence taking place between the two people in front of you. One person is a man around 25 years old while the other is an elderly lady with a cane. At first you do not think anything of it until the conversation between the two of them shifts to the transaction they are waiting to conduct.

“One thousand dollars!” he shouts. His words are harsh and the elderly woman cringes at hearing them. “You need to withdraw one thousand dollars now.” Reluctantly, she opens her purse at the teller line and withdrawals the money he demands. From what you can see there is no business interaction between the two; it looks almost forceful. Once completed he hurries her out of the financial center, and they drive off together. A scenario like this would be a red flag for elder abuse.

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Elder Abuse_Financial Exploitation
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