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Esmeralda Codona-Lee: PII Gypsy

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

She's out there causing confusion and she doesn't even know it. She isn't committing identity theft. She isn't a synthetic identity. Esmeralda isn't even trying to manipulate her identity.

Esmeralda Codona-Lee is a PII (personal identifiable information) Gypsy. Her information changes as often as her bank accounts. She goes from phone to phone and address to address. In addition, she may also go by her middle name in some cases.

Consistent people who stay in the same places and use the same services and information often score lower risk in identity solutions. Makes sense, right? Their information matches, so the risk of identity fraud is low. They tend to have stability and are good candidates for being long term customers because of this.

A PII Gypsy is an information nomad, which can cause identity solutions to score higher for things like identity theft, synthetic identity, and identity manipulation. A PII Gypsy is one level under identity manipulation. It isn't identity theft; they are who they say they are. It isn't synthetic; they are a real person using their own information. It isn't identity manipulation because the changes are valid, and it is not done with malice.

So why is Esmeralda a PII Gypsy and what is the consequence?

Without knowing or talking to Esmeralda, we can’t know exactly why she is a PII gypsy. It might be a lifestyle choice to live free and not to put a lot of stock in staying in the same place or with the same products and services that link her to things like public records. It may be circumstantial and just a season of her life. Or she may not be responsible or dependable. So the potential consequences are that she uses your product or service the same way she has in the past. This may result in a short and/or negative relationship with your business.

Please take this all with a grain of salt. It is not a mainstream term but only a FraudWit theory.


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