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Florida Man Sets Record For Keeping Phone Scammer on the Line for Eight Straight Hours

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

FLORIDA – A Florida man has set a new world record for keeping a scammer on a phone call for over eight hours. Jack Brown, 28, of Tampa, claims the title from a 2019 record holder, going 8:09:17 to beat the old record of 7:49:42.

“It was intense; something I had been training on for a long time,” he explained. “They’d been hassling me for months. I’d try different tactics to make them stop, but nothing worked. So, I figured I’d just go with it.” Jack’s would-be scammer started with a spiel about a once in a lifetime investment opportunity. For the next two hours Jack used a ‘flip-flopping’ technique to ponder the fake investment.

“I could tell I was losing him. It was early on in this call; I changed tactics. It was time to pretend to commit." And pretend to commit Jack did.

Over the next six hours, Jack began talking slower, asking lots of questions (some of which were completely off topic), and feeding the scammer more fake information, including personal data on a made-up family.

“I claimed to have ten children; the scammer was super interested in that. So, I fed him their names, date of births, social security numbers, and a ton of other stuff that I made up.”

The marathon call started to unravel for Jack soon after he obtained the new world record. Fighting fatigue and the giddiness of the successful endurance call, the fraud jockey cracked and began laughing uncontrollably. In a last-ditch effort, he began shouting at the phone. This enraged the scammer who lashed out to keep the call going on a few extra minutes before hanging up empty handed. Successful, Jack celebrated with a large steak and mushroom pizza. And he’s ready for more.

“Let the calls continue! And I’m going for ten hours next time. Endurance Scam Calls will be a sport. I’ll take the scam calls so other people don’t have to. We can disrupt the industry, protect people, and have fun in the process."

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