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Many know of the blog Frankonfraud. Covering a cornucopia of fraud related topics, blog writer Frank McKenna has been delivering interesting and engaging articles since 2016. It is a great resource for newbie fraud fighters as well as for the veterans in the field.

Few realize that Frank’s success with the fraud related blog led him to creating another blog titled Frankonfrog. He jump-started the blog in 2020, a leap year, to showcase his capabilities as “frog expert” and “frog consultant”. Both occupations confused people when he told them he was actually a fraud consultant.

“I didn’t want to disappoint people,” said Frank. “If they think I am a frog consultant, I felt like I needed to become one. Hence the new blog.”

His blog focused on toad-ally awesome facts about various frogs from around the world. Frank hopped from frog-to-frog topic, highlighting the looks, behaviors, calls, diets, and lives of the amphibians. It was more fun than lilypad jumping or catching a fly with your tongue.

Despite the new topic being written about, at some points it became very apparent that Frank’s mind was still on fraud. In his 4,000-word blog post talking about bullfrogs, he compared their tongues catching flies to an optimal detection system alerting on fraud. In another article about African Dwarf Frogs, he compared their back legs’ efficiency in water to a well-organized fraud shop. The quote below about the Turtle Frog says a lot.

Unfortunately for Frank, his frog blog did not attract the same interest and reader base that his original Frankonfraud did. After just a few months of posting, he shut the site down. The Frankonfrog blog officially croaked. Some blogs work, some blogs don’t. Meanwhile, his fraud blog continues to post “ribbiting” content.

For those interested in learning more about a vast array of fraud, visit

Thanks Frank!

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