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Fraud Bible Successor Fraud Hymnal Has Criminals Singing About Their Schemes

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Over three years after the creation of the Fraud Bible, criminals devoted to the cause are becoming more religious about their schemes. They have created a new way to praise Fraudism in the form of a new hymnal. Whereas the Fraud Bible would compile the various schemes to tell others how to go about committing the crimes, the Fraud Hymnal seeks to sing songs about the benefits of the schemes.

The Fraud Bible was popularized through various social media platforms back in 2019 as a guide for fraudlings (those new to fraud) to learn how to commit various schemes. In addition to having over 14,000 various files, the collection of material even had its own rap (something not found in the real Bible).

“The Fraud Bible has really led me to a better path to defraud and victimize people,” says famed Fraudism believer ShadowNightFox3421. “It just makes it so much easier. Everything I needed to get started in my criminal career was in that. It had all the answers. It needed a hymnal to go along with it. What better way to praise the Fraud than to sing of it?”

The Hymnal organizes thoughts and schemes from the Fraud Bible into musical form. Here are a some of the most enjoyed songs:

  • My Synthetic Identity, Oh How I Love Thee

  • Your Check Is Enough (To Counterfeit)

  • Of My Embezzlement I Will Sing

  • Go Tell It on The Dark Web

  • Give Me Cards

  • She Signed For Me, My Straw Buyer

  • Oh Happy PPP

  • Thine Phish Be Upon You

Meanwhile, those in both the religious and fraud fighting professions are trying to put a stop to blatant blasphemy. Seeing it as a moral, spiritual, and financial threat to society, they are joining together. One such individual has been doing so since the Fraud Bible came out. Working as a fraud analyst on the weekdays and part -time pastor on the weekends, Pastor Matthew Wesley Whitfield has joined the two causes together.

“We have a problem,” he says. “When we are to the point where criminals are turning their careers into religion. First the Fraud Bible…now the Hymnal. Is nothing sacred? Have we come this far to where these people create a god around victimizing others. I won't stand for that. I’ll stop the fraud from an office on Friday and preach against it from a pulpit on Sunday. The way I see it there is an expiration date for fraud; a time is coming when it will be wiped out. There is also a better way for those caught up in Fraudism. Fraudsters need Jesus!”

As the spiritual and financial crime sectors connect against a common enemy, one can only wonder what will be next after the Bible and the Hymnal. Scheme devotionals? Fraud chants? Scam sermons?

Or will people like Whitfield lead a revival away from the crime? We can only pray.

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