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Fraud Expert Enraged To Find That Synthetic Oil Was Used During Visit To Automotive Service Center

TEXAS – Service technicians at Jim Bob’s Tire & Lube got more than they expected when one of their customers came to pick up her Toyota Highlander. An error in the customer’s service request resulted in the customer becoming enraged, leaving the techs partially baffled. They didn’t understand where Patricia Chavez was coming from. Why was their selection in what oil to use upsetting to her? It all came down to a single word; Synthetic.

From Patricia’s perspective, she knew that her engine would continue to perform the same way whether she opted for Conventional or Synthetic oil. However, she was an identity fraud expert who had extensive knowledge of Synthetic identities. These made-up identities cobbled together with consumer PII and figments of fraudster’s imaginations were a thorn in her side. Granted, she was good at what she did related to Synthetic Identities, but the term was something that exasperated her. Synthetic cleaning products and food-like items were banned in her household. With that being said, Patricia had a healthy family.

Unfortunately, her perspective was unknown to the people changing her oil. When they called her up to pay for the service, she looked over the bill. It was slightly higher than she expected, but with inflation, it wasn’t unheard of. Then she saw the description of the service.

“What is this?” she asked the guy working the desk.

“That is the oil change description,” he replied.

“I specifically asked for Conventional motor oil to be used.”

“Oh, sorry about that. I can adjust the price to reflect Conventional.” Patricia thought through all the identity devastation she had seen related to the crime. No more Synthetics, she thought to herself.

“It isn’t the money. I don’t like using Synthetic oil.” The desk guy’s manager approached the area with an air of confidence.

“It’s the same oil, no big deal.” But it was a big deal to Patricia.

“No, please change it again and use regular motor oil this time!” The two workers looked at each other quizzically. There was a pause.

“Yes ma’am,” the manager told Patricia. She handed her keys back and returned to her seat. The two never found out what Patricia’s beef was with Synthetic motor oil, but they made sure that Conventional was put in the Highlander from that point on.

Patricia Chavez’ experience is a common occurrence for professionals dealing with fabricated identities. In a recent poll to Identity Fraud experts, 94.5% stated that they would only use Convention motor oil simply because they did not like the term Synthetic. The study went on to reveal that they also typically avoided other Synthetic items including diamonds & other gemstones, artificial sweeteners, polyester, plastic bags, and more. The study concluded that if these experts could rid the world of Synthetic identities, they would immediately splurge on individually plastic wrap snack cakes and bottled diet cola while listening to synthesized music and wearing spandex running shorts.

Sadly, at least for the time being, Synthetic identities are here to stay. However, the motivation to stop the crime has never been greater!

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