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Gamer Strikes Bitcoin Fortune While Mining For Quartz In Minecraft

ARIZONA – In a world where cryptocurrency is taking the imagination of people by storm, one gamer found an alternative route to make it big…and he wasn’t even looking. Steve Stephenson, 35, was just a regular gamer living in his parents' basement. When not working as a pizza delivery driver, he spent a lot of time playing Minecraft, a popular Xbox game. One day while mining for quartz to make himself a Minecraft house, he found a small coin with a ‘B’ on it.

“I was like, ‘what is this thing?’” he said while downing a can of Pringles. “Then I thought ‘no way, this is a Minecraft Bitcoin mining mine.’”

Surprised but optimistic, Steve went to work. Over the course of just a few days, he excavated a 100x100x100 block area in the digital mountain landscape.

“I found 75 Bitcoins. It was a lot of work. I got blisters on my hands from hitting the buttons so many times. Drank a ton of Red Bulls and ate Funions. Now I’ve got a few million in the bank.”

“He turned into a multi-millionaire over night!” exclaimed his mother, Stephanie. “Now maybe he will move out and start a life. I want my basement back...I want my life back.” But not everyone is positive about Steve’s accidental success in crypto.

“Unfeasible...that is not how this works,” states cryptocurrency expert Brett Larkin before hanging up the phone.

So, what does Steve plan on doing with his millions? A new car? A new house…a house of his own?

“I like where I’m at right now. My parent’s house is really comfortable. I’m thinking about using some of the money on upgrades to my gaming. I think I’ll invest the rest of it in Dogecoin.” [His mother screams in the background].

Keep chasing those pixels Steve.

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