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Happy Mask Shop Owner Accused Of Price Gouging Amid Hylian Pandemic

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

CASTLETOWN MARKET, KINGDOM OF HYRULE – The reemergence of order is slowly returning to Hyrule. After seven long and dark years under evil Ganondorf's ReDead virus, people are beginning to rebuild.

"Things are going really good since that fairy boy showed up and defeated Ganondorf," said that guy who constantly prances around the town square. "The sky is blue, there are no more ReDead on the street, and Princess Zelda is back!"

But not all of Hyrule’s recovery is positive.

"During Ganondorf's reign and the ReDead pandemic there were some bad character's," sights that one castle guard who would always catch Young Link when entering Hyrule Castle. "Most were brought to justice by that Hero of Time. Some of the others got away with their crimes though. And they are still in our midst."

One such individual used his position and trade during the pandemic to criminal levels. Happy Mask Shop Owner (name unknown) is accused of price gouging his masks.

"People needed protection; they needed security. Happy Mask Shop Owner could have sold them masks for a fair price," states Lon Lon Ranch owner Talon. "I myself didn't raise prices, despite being the only dairy farm around. He, on the other hand, price gouged the good citizens of Hyrule. A Keaton mask that would typically go for 10 or 15 Rupees would be inflated to over 200. You'd have to have an adult wallet just to afford it. A spooky mask that would retail for 30 rupees would require a giant wallet, costing the buyer over 400. And if you didn’t have the money…wow, that guy would get irate."

Talon is one of the individuals expected to visit Princess Zelda to lodge the complaints against the Happy Mask Shop Owner. However, it may be too late to bring the mask selling scoundrel to justice.

“I saw him right after Princess Zelda was restored to the crown,” comments Running Man, who runs every day in the countryside of Hyrule. “He had all his masks packed up and was walking really fast…looked like he was headed towards Clock Town or something. I can only imagine what he has in store for the people of that place. Not all his masks are good, you know. There was one I heard about that was pure evil. I am not exaggerating.”

It is said that Clock Town was also the last known destination of Link, the Hero of Time. What remains to be seen is how the two will interact if they meet one another. Link had experience working for Happy Mask Shop owner prior to the pandemic. No one knows if the Hero of Time was aware of the owner’s more sinister nature. Or how the shop owner will react to the person who indirectly ruined his price gouging scheme.

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