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Imposter Jettisoned Into Endless Void After Spaceship Implements New Authentication Measures

SPACE - Crewmates of a recently departed spaceship found themselves in with a problem. With an intended crew of 5, they found another one in their numbers. An imposter was aboard.

"The imposter was among us," states crewmate 1. "Normally this would mean using guesses and deductive logic to pinpoint the perp. We would all meet as a crew and vote one out. That being said, one could easily accuse an innocent crew member, flinging them into the darkness of space."

The spaceship builders, tired of the constant threat of crew impersonation and 'space flinging', decided to implement more proactive measures that authenticated those on board. The crew had things to fix; they didn't have time to solve the crime, especially when the imposter could strike them.

Authentication measures were put in place to identify the imposter. Each legitimate crew mate had a corresponding ID and their fingerprints on file. The imposter hadn't accounted for this.

Last ditch efforts were made by the imposter to create a fake ID, but to no avail. IDs were scanned. A big siren sounded while red lights flashed when the imposter's counterfeit one went through. Having found the scoundrel without losing a single person, the crew promptly loaded the evil doer into a space torpedo tube and jettisoned him into the endless void.

"The imposter is no longer among us!" exclaimed crewmate 4, who was fixing a broken pipe. "Thanks to the authentication in this ship, we can now go back to fixing and managing it!"

Finding imposters is a benefit of authentication.

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