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Inheritance Scammer Sets World Record For Highest Percentage of Typos on a Scam Email

An inheritance scammer has set a world record for highest percentage of typos on a scam email. Coming in at 26.5% typos (plus many grammatical and punctuation errors), Burkina Faso based scammer ‘Edy Oduoza’ is both pleased with the achievement and the successfulness of the email to scam people.

“This one really weeds out people who are not paying attention. A scammer tactic, no doubt, that I took to the next level,” said Odouza when asked about his errored heir scheme.

An inheritance scam, sometimes called a beneficiary scam, is one in which the scammer contacts their target to convince them that they should receive an inheritance or are, in other ways, the beneficiary of funds. The scammer will require that their victim pays a fee to be able to receive the large payout. The victim sends the funds and the scam is complete. There is no deceased long lost relative or convoluted plot that entitles them for millions. Below is Odouza’s record setting email.

Odouza states that he will celebrate this momentous accomplishment by continuing to scam people.


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