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Investigator Confirms ‘Allowance’ Worker’s Compensation Fraud After Mother Suspects Child

KENTUCKY – A frustrated mother of four got some sense of validation after she hired a PI to investigate her 16-year-old son who had been putting off his chores because of a constant headache.

“Jimmy was acting like an entitled brat,” stated super angry (and justified) mother Janine Miller. “We pay for his food, clothes, and a ton of other things. A cell phone is not a privilege…And it wouldn’t kill him to clean a dish or take out the trash.”

At the end of her rope and the end of the clean dishes, she decided to hire Private Investigator Gene Parmesan to determine if the teen was telling the truth. Ever the professional, Gene went to work to figure out just what was going on.

“Sounded to me like an old fashioned ‘allowance’ worker’s compensation fraud. The kid wants all the goodies but fakes an injury to get out of the work,” asserts Parmesan. “When all was said and done though, the evidence was overwhelmingly in favor of the mother. It was almost like she had an instinct for the deception. She might want to consider a career in investigations.”

Jimmy Miller, supposedly too incapacitated to do the family’s dishes, was able to go to school, take a walk, play video games, go to an amusement park, and work outside the home. Gene confirmed this through his investigation, relaying the information to Janine. With this evidence, Janine proceeded to take her son to court (some might say she went to far).

Unfortunately, while Janine Miller had her proof, a court would not even hear her case on grounds of absurdity. It turns out that worker's compensation fraud does not extend to childhood chores and responsibilities.

“It is very sad,” she says. “But things will get better. His scheme can't continue. Jimmy is being cut off from his phone and we’re pulling the plug on the cable…maybe now without those screens he won’t have a constant headache and can contribute to doing some chores.”


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