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Man's Bank Account Exposed Due To Mailed $5 Check


LOUISIANA - John W Pepper led an exciting life as a paper check enthusiast. Paying for everything with checks, he had developed an adversary named Chipper Cards, a debit card enthusiast. The two despised one another after Pepper called Card's usage of a debit card "stupid" in a checkout line.

In a response to the insult, Cards organized a non-profit called "No More Checks" to dissuade people from using them. Meanwhile, with checks flying out of Pepper's hands, the man found out that a counterfeit one had hit his account. He was initially stunned at this. Reviewing his bank account statements, he noticed one check (#30184) that had not cleared.

Weeks before, J.W. Pepper decided to buy a box of girl scout cookies from the local troop. He had sent a check in the mail for $5. The check had never cleared. Behind the scenes, a mail bandit had made off with his paper and went about fabricating a fake check. So in addition to the postage, the account exposure, and the counterfeit check, Pepper never got his box of thin mint cookies.

Piecing all of this together was emotionally difficult and mentally draining for Pepper. He was a stubborn man when it came to his views, one of which was that checks were secure payment methods that could be used in any and all situations. While the mail had been the point of compromise, he had inadvertently exposed his account information thousands of times. The difference was that most of the people he paid were not trying to defraud him.

In a rare moment of humility, he picked up and called his nemesis, Chipper Cards.

"Hello," Cards said, answering his phone.

"Mr. Cards, this is J.W. Pepper. I'm calling to offer a truce. Turns out I was a bit wrong when it came to checks. Seems like that is a lot of information to be sending through the mail...I'd like to learn more about other payment methods. Can you tell me more about those debit cards you like to use?"

And with that J.W. Pepper and Chipper Cards became friends.

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