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Maniacal Doctor Creates Massive Fraud Ring To Entice Unsuspecting Hedgehog & Friends

GREEN HILL ZONE – A doctor in the Green Hill Zone has been arrested and charged in creating a massive fraud ring from his evil laboratory. Inside of the lab, officials seized fake gold rings, full mech suits, and strange magic emeralds.

According to Green Hill Zone police, detectives received information earlier in the year that a fraud ring operation was occurring near the 500 block of Green Hill Road.

Due to the tip, detectives conducted surveillance on the lab for several months until probable cause was established, leading to a search warrant being issued.

On April 5th, detectives along with SWAT executed a search warrant at the lab of the doctor – and what they discovered was shocking.

Inside the lab, they discovered boxes full of fake gold rings, including a massive fraud ring measuring six feet in diameter (the largest fraud ring found in any Zone). They even found multiple fully weaponized mech suits and robotic accomplices, who put up a fight before they were defeated, strangely turning into innocent forest animals that ran away from the scene.

During the raid on the laboratory, they arrested Doctor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik. Robotnik was taken into custody without incident and is awaiting weapons charges as well as charges related to the fraud rings.

“He was targeting the good animals of Green Hill Zone,” states Sonic, a gold ring collecting blue hedgehog. “We spend our time collecting gold rings in the various zones. A fraud ring like the one Robotnik created could have really hurt the community. You think you’ve got enough gold to by one million chili dogs, but it is all fake! And the mech suits…don’t get me started on those.”

Robotnik is set to appear in court in late May. He is being represented by his robot lawyers Scratch and Grounder.

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