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Mules Association Takes Stand Against Term 'Money Mule'

NORTHWESTERN UNITED STATES - Large groups of 'mule enthusiasts' are gathering near area courthouses in Northwestern states to picket the term 'Money Mule.' Mule Yokels Association for Sophisticated Stallions has organized pickets and rallies calling for the end of the term.

"This is derogatory to a brilliant and often misunderstood animal," comments association president Cletus Spuckler. "What did a mule EVER do to deserve being slang for those conducting illicit transactions on behalf of a criminal? Molly, that's one of my mules, would never sink so low. Sure, she can be hard to work with from time to time, but she and other mules do not deserve this."

Cletus has rallied his organization and fellow mule riders to amass in large groups at courthouses in protest. Many of those taking to the cause are even bringing their mules with them to show the differences between the animal and the term.

"Looks kind of like a cross between a horse and a donkey...because it is," states mule rider Herb Ridge from atop his mule Bullet. "Notice that he is not a person and that he has no money on or around him. Nor is he being worked by a criminal. The term Money Mule needs to be changed."

The group is calling for change from law enforcement officers and financial crimes experts. They are currently working through FraudWit's Fraud Term Naming Service to figure out a more appropriate terminology. Front runner terms include Scam Surfer, Cash Packhorse, and Currency Clydesdale.

In the meantime, the group is imploring those currently termed Mules to stop the Muling. Money Mules will work on behalf of criminals to transact and move money, engaging in fraud and/or money laundering in the process. They can range from innocent victims to knowing accomplices.

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