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Protecting the Flock: Church Fraud Prevention and Education

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

On a serious note, fraud can have an effect on all people, people groups, and organizations. One such place that is close to my heart is the Christian church. Being a Christian and a fraud fighter, I took time to look at the risks and detail them out. I feel that fraud risk management is something that the church lacks in general.

Protecting the Flock is a resource for church leaders and Christians to use to identify and respond to fraud. With fast moving changes to technology and payment methods, those committing financial and cybercrime have more at their fingertips to steal from others, including the Christian church and its members. Developing a defense against this crime is good stewardship and can help congregations to thrive.

Though this is directed towards Christians, I believe there is value to those from other faiths as well. I encourage everyone to take a look. A lot of this can be applied to both individuals and organizations across the board. Lastly, this information is also detailed in a book by the same name which can be found on Amazon (

Protecting the Flock_Overview_September 2021
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