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Scammers 'Strangely' Unaffected By Inflation

In a time marked by higher inflation and soaring gas prices, many consumers are pondering their buying choices. Some change lifestyles while others look to make more money to offset the economic hurdles. While this is the case for most people, one group of individuals remains strangely unaffected by the mess.

Scammers, for mysterious reasons, aren't affected by rising prices. Some are even doing better in uncertain times. Curious, isn't it? There are a few theories being proposed as to how these criminals can avoid negative economic realities.

‘Doctor’ Arthur Langley, a professor of economics on his social media platform BOGUS, believes that the answer lies in a scammer's magical abilities.

"Scammers are always after leprechauns. Leprechauns are magical creatures...therefore, logically, a scammer is a magical creature and...inflation won't affect them."

Langley's perspective is hotly debated, especially by leprechauns who state he has it all wrong.

"Don'tcha know how we leprechauns are?" Questions leprechaun Seamus O'Flaherty. "We leprechauns are the ones with the gold, yeah? The others are the ones after our lucky charms..."

By this logic it appears that leprechauns themselves are the victim of scams and theft to get their gold. The leprechauns, however, do not have a perspective on how the inflation does not affect scammers. "We only invest in gold."

One scammer's perspective might be the key to understanding how the higher prices don't affect those conducting fraudulent schemes. Scammer Hoodie Robbins robs from the 'relatively' rich to himself.

"The truth is that if the economy goes south or inflation makes things more expensive, I just adjust my scam. I'll target a person for $500 instead of $400. I'll send a bad check for $5,000 instead of $2,500. It doesn’t negatively affect me. In fact, the turmoil in the economy actually helps in many cases.

"Those placed in desperate positions; the ones who can't make ends meet, have lost their job, or are just scared for the future...they come to people like me for hope. If everything were peachy, they would have a harder time believing in the lies I tell them. Consumer desperation is a great thing for a can quote that if you like!"

With so many factors at play, we may never know the answer of inflation not being a problem for these criminals. Is Hoodie right or are scammers actually creatures of dark magic? What other theories could come up?

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