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Self-Proclaimed ‘World’s Greatest Hacker’ Brags and Threatens to Defraud Fictional Bank Gringott's

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

GEORGIA – Self-Proclaimed ‘World’s Greatest Scammer’ AvidCon9432 is back with a new claim, just months after news broke of him accidently scamming himself. Avid is now claiming to be the ‘World’s Greatest Hacker’ and is making his next target known to all. He has taken to social media, bragging and threatening to defraud the fictional wizard bank Gringott’s.

“You might have wizards and goblins and dragons protecting those vaults, but they’re no match for my hacking skills. I’ll have all that gold cleared in a matter of weeks,” said Avid on his social media feeds. "My cyber skills are just that good!"

Such a cyber-attack has never occurred in the history of reality. To attempt to defraud a fictional financial institution defies conventional logic. While the payout, in theory, would be substantial, the odds are severely against Avid. However, experts in anti-fraud are praising the development.

“I think this is the best thing that could happen for the fraud fighting community,” states fraud expert James St. John Smythe. “If we can get more fraudsters….sorry, I shouldn’t have said fraudsters...overuse, you know. If we can get more frauddies to target fictional financial institutions, all the better. Gringott’s, Gotham City Bank, Bank of Evil, Banco de Isthmus, Goliath National Bank… I can’t think of anymore. If the criminal's schemes can be diverted to such institutions that don't exist, fraud attacks will decrease.”

“It may seem impossible, but if anyone can do it, it’s me,” reflect an optimistic AvidCon9432. “Gringott’s doesn’t stand a chance.”

Gringott’s was unable to be reached for comment as they are a fictional financial institution from a children’s book and movie series.

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