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'Danger Zone Warnings' Looks To Prevent Exposed Credentials

CALIFORNIA – A new start-up is looking to revolutionize logging in. With spoofed websites popping up to trick people into parting with their login credentials, the need for real-time interdiction has never been greater. Wearing aviator sunglasses and sporting a leather flight jacket, Loggins Logins LLC CEO Mitch Peters is ready to take on the challenge.

“Consumers are often tricked into believing these phishing sites are legitimate,” states Peters. “They will often receive links from phishers or use fraudulent sites found through searches. My solution alarms the person every time they stumble on the bad sites, leading to them not enter their information and training them to be more cautious in the future.”

Loggins Logins LLC’s solution, called ‘Danger Zone Warnings,’ monitors the activity of the user. If they make their way to a phishing/spoofed website, Kenny Loggins’ song ‘Danger Zone’ begins to play. A pop-up warning with swooping F-14 Tomcats will also appear on the screen to notify the user of the risk. The information is then passed to the company to analyze and escalate, shutting down the fraudulent sites in the process. Peters states that this will be a game changer in the industry.

“We need to be thinking outside of the box on how we stop these occurrences. That is what Danger Zone Warnings are all about.”


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