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Sylvester McBean’s Fraud Gang & Fraud Fighter Name Generating Machine

In the world of fraud, having the right name is important. It can invoke fear into the innocent people who are targeted and can intimidate all those fraud fighters who are employed to stop it. Those fraud fighters’ groups typically have standard names while the fraud gangs can be as creative and devilish as they want to be.

But what if there was a way that both groups could have an equal playing field when it comes to their names?

Sylvester McBean is a controversial figure looking to shake things up between the fraudsters and the fraud stoppers. He has created a name generating machine for both sides. Sylvester McBean’s Fraud Gang & Fraud Fighter Name Generating Machine simplifies naming. Coming up with a good moniker can take months and doesn’t always capture what you or your organization are about.

The solution is simple; you pick whether you’re a fraudster or a fraud fighter. This takes you to a menu that asks all the questions needed to generate the perfect name. Here are just a few of the questions that can lead to the name generation:

  • What kind of fraud do you commit (or deter)?

  • What is your favorite animal?

  • What is your favorite number?

Once the user goes through the 205 questions needed to generate a name, the technology scans its database to ensure name options are unique. The user is then presented their new name.

“Things were so bland before Sylvester McBean’s Fraud Gang & Fraud Fighter Name Generating Machine was implemented,” states Cynthia Callahan, a fraud fighter in the automotive world. “Our team was called Fraud Prevention…that would have been okay for 2010 but look at what the other side calls themselves. The Fraud Fighter Name Generating Machine gave us a new identity. We are now the GalacticAutoAvengers944!”

In addition to the ability to name groups, the solution can also generate individual names. This is very helpful for rogue fraudsters and fraud consultants who are looking for that extra zing. Here are just some of the names generated so far using this amazing technology:

Fraud Gangs & Fraudsters

  • Nomercyfrauditors1

  • TwilightATMing

  • HelpmeGma981

  • Cashbandits5467

  • ###Cryptodarkwolf###

  • The Real Skim Lady

  • RingofForgery9!

  • Raiders of the Lost Card

  • Evil$neetches

Fraud Fighter Groups & Individuals

  • Caffeinated Fraud Vanquishers

  • *AgentStar*

  • GoldDefendingEagles

  • Analyst Archers

  • Fraud Exterminator Department

  • Antifraud Supergroup 5000

  • Wireyouwiring?

  • Nofraudnarwhals5

While this is expected to change the industry, not everyone is happy about the new names being generated.

“This is complete garbage for honest criminals who have created names for themselves,” states self-proclaimed grand fraud influencer and world’s greatest scammer AvidCon9432. “It took brain power to come up with my name. And now you have everyone doing it? Where is the creativity? Where is the passion? I think this is further proof that I am the very best there ever was and the best there ever will be.”

Some of those battling the fraud also have some negative opinions because McBean seems to be helping both sides. Only time will tell what this product does in the struggle between good and evil. For the time being, McBean will charge his fee to both groups, furthering the controversy of his character and the machine named after him.

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