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Synthetic Identity Becomes Victim of Identity Theft


CALIFORNIA – In a bizarre turn of events, synthetic identity creator Harvey Geezer found that one of his created identities had become a victim of identity theft after receiving notification that a new credit card had been opened in its name.

“It wasn’t one that I had applied for,” Geezer stated in an interview. “My synthetic identity, Max Zorin, was out there making me loads of cash. Fake accounts and all that. I used Zorin for everything. Even made a fake business called Zorin Industries; it was criminal. I must have put too much effort into it because someone got the information.”

The Zorin identity remained in Geezer’s control for a few years before other criminals accessed the information to conduct similar activity to what its creator was engaged in.

“This phenomena was bound to occur at some point,” states fraud expert James St. John Smythe. “It was only a matter of time for the fake information to be taken through a data breach of some kind. When synthetic identity identities are stolen, you know we have an issue. I’d feel sorry for Harvey Geezer, but he is a criminal, plain and simple. Got some of his own medicine I think.”

Geezer thinks differently on the topic. He is in the process of creating a solution for those in the synthetic industry to alert themselves when the identity is being used outside of their knowledge. His product, SynLock, goes on the market in July.

“What is the world coming to when even synthetic identities aren’t safe from identity theft? May Max Zorin rest in peace.”


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