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What Type of Fraud Fighter Are You?

What Type of Fraud Figther Are You
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Those in the anti-fraud profession, also known as Fraud Fighters, are a diverse group of people. We are different genders, nationalities, races/ethnicities, religions, and much more! And we all have the same fight on our hands, to rid the world of as much fraud as possible. Specific to our profession, there are different types of Fraud Fighters. Here are eight types of Fraud Fighters. Which one are you?

The Visionary

The Visionary is all about tackling where the fraud is moving and how to get ahead of it. They anticipate changes to the industry, technology, and culture to promote new developments to anti-fraud efforts.

The Evangelist

Like a preacher on a soapbox or in a pulpit, the Evangelist is all about getting the word out about fraud. Unlike other evangelists, the message isn’t always about good news. They relay the problem and seek to enlighten others on the solutions to stopping fraud.

The Strategist

Thinking…we all do it, but the Strategist does it does it different. They are busy playing chess with schemers. They can be techy, numbers driven, and/or obsessed with processes. Strategists are the ones who build the mouse trap for fraud.

The Detective

From gumshoe to senior investigator, the detective is focused on getting to the truth on individual cases. They are reviewing case details, looking for evidence, and conducting interviews with victims, witnesses, and potential suspects.

An estimated 97.34% of Detective type Fraud Fighters have some form of magnifying glass around their desk while 83.29% own a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle book.

The Analyst

The Analyst sifts through data, either at an alert/case level or at a higher one. They find patterns and trends, detailing and escalating the data as needed.

The Leader

Someone needs to lead a team. Who should it be? Leaders are the glue that help the team work together to achieve the desired outcomes. They may not always be in the weeds but are knowledgeable when it comes to fraud. They work as directors, managers, and administrators to make the show a well-oiled fraud punching machine.

The Counselor

There is a human side to fraud. This is where the Counselor comes in. They seek to understand the crime at a personal level, and work with victims to get their lives back on track.

The Factotum

The Factotum is the utility player, a Mr. Fix-it or jack-of-all trades…a pantologist of sorts. These fraud fighters use their versatility to cover other types or roles. Got someone reviewing cases, leading and educating people, tackling trends, and coming up with new ideas? You have a factotum.

Thanks for reading. I hope it helps you in some way!

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