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Book-A-Scam: Fictitious Vacation Rental Options With Zero Research and Absolutely No Validation

Are you interested in getting away? Are you looking for an adventure? Something completely out of the box?

Introducing Book-A-Scam, your rental scam booking site. Book-A-Scam provides you with vacation rental options with zero research and absolutely no validation. Our stock photo vacation options will have you thinking that you will be sipping Mai Tais or Long Island Iced Teas on your own personal beach at a great discount. Eventually reality will knock the wind out of you when you realize the property doesn’t actually exist! Check out this location in Miami, FL. Normally $5,000 per week discounted to $1,000 for you (so long as you wire today and don’t ask any questions).

Or how about this chateau in the French Alps?

This week’s exclusive for just $2,500 (by wire only). Also includes a hot chocolate barista, hot tub, chauffeur, personal movie theater, and full bar.

Upon getting to your location, you will walk up to the property and the stress will dissipate. Time to lay out and tan or go skiing. A cold drink by the ocean or a hot cup of cocoa with a snowy mountain view. You sigh as your shoulders sag just thinking of destressing. Then you notice that the building is slightly different…no, completely different. The instructions told you that a key was to be found under a mat on the front door. There is no key. Frustrated, you attempt to call the number that Book-A-Scam provided you. No answer. You message the email address you were communicating with. No answer.

Finally, you knock on the door of the property. Someone, clearly not you, comes to the door and asks what you want. You try to keep calm as you tell them that they are in your booked rental. They look at you all funny and tell you that they own the property. Emotionally charged, you counter them, explaining that you sent the money out to rent the place for a week. They threaten to call the police. You realize that they are serious, that you have been scammed, and you leave.

Now the real adventure begins. Now you get to call your bank to see if the wire you sent can be recovered. You should also call the police, but you first have to figure out what police department to call…your home one or the one at your location? Next, you will need to book something else (though probably not on Book-A-Scam at this point). What is for certain is that you’ve had some excitement on your ‘vacation.’ That is the value of Book-A-Scam.

So, how does Book-A-Scam work? We take all the vacation rental scams out there and consolidate them in one spot that is easy to search. The better the supposed deal, the higher the ranking. So, book today and tell all your friends and family that you are vacationing in a mansion, luxury high-rise suite, or tropical beach house. It’s just one epic holiday.

An Alternative to Book-A-Scam

If this doesn’t sound like the adventurous or relaxing trip you’ve been envisioning, Book-A-Scam and other vacation rental scams may not be for you. To avoid such a scheme (as vacation rental scammers are becoming more conniving and savvier), here are some tips.

#1 – Don’t be pressured or rushed into a decision

There are plenty of valid properties out there to rent. If you are being pressured or rushed into deciding, it could be a red flag of a scam.

#2 – Too good to be true is usually too good to be true

A premium property or location is going to get a premium price. Look for a good price in your budget, not an outrageous or unrealistic deal.

#3 – Do your research

Property & business searches, independent confirmation calls to resorts, etc. Is there a history of complaints associated with the location?

#4 – Be cautious about payment methods

Gifts cards are for gifts, not vacation rentals. Wires move at ludicrous speed and scammers are waiting on the other side to collect.

#5 – Consider using a travel agent

So long as they are legit…that would be another can of worms.

From your friendly frauds at Book-A-Scam, we hope this helps you in your search for vacation rental options.


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