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Clock Town Without Mail Carrier When Sole Mailman Quits After Being Held Up By Masked Skull Kid

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

CLOCK TOWN, TERMINA - Mail has come to the stop in the town of Clock Town after its sole mail carrier was held up by a 'Skull Kid' with a magical mask. Postman had been a loyal mail carrier for years, delivering letters and packages on a very tight schedule. A committed runner, Postman was able to deliver items with a lot of speed. One day while delivering a package, he was accosted by the villainous youth and threatened with dark magic unless he handed over the contents of his mailbag.

"I'm really sad to have to quit," Postman says. "But if I am coming up against magic like this, I can't be expected to do my job or stay safe. What would have happened to me if I had not given that Skull Kid my mailbag? He could have turned me into a newt or blasted me or something! I giving it a lot of thought. It was a hard choice because I am a very organized person, set in my schedule. But this is for the best. I quit."

Postman's departure from the postal position has left some people scratching their heads on what to do. And at a time when the city really needed someone to take charge, the mayor didn't have the answers to fill the open spot or to protect the next mail carrier from mail theft and violence.

"Ahh...hmm...well..." is all that Clock Town's mayor could say to the situation.

Despite the mayor not knowing what to do, some people have opinions. One prominent one is that the next mailman of Clock Town should be armed...with weapons.

"You've got that Skull Kid running around with the fairies and causing nothing but havoc! Next it will be ReDeads, Stalfos, or Mad Scrubs," states Clock Town Soldier Bob. "I don't know about you, but I don't want no scrubs. And then what is after that? We get mini bosses, bosses and it keeps going. All because we do not arm our sole mail carrier? Give them a sword or a lance or something! Heck, give him a sharp stick."

One interim option that is being discussed is to bring a hero into the position. A fully fledged hero would cost more rupees, but they would bring courage and experience to carrying the mail. Such a hero worth considering already has filled in as a mailman in the past (or is it future with this time loop we are stuck in)? He even has his own mail hat.

"Link would be a brilliant choice," says Jim, a child and leader of the Bombers Secret Society of Justice. "Sword, shield, bows and arrows...and he has some magic too! The mail would get to where it needs to go."

With the Clock Town Carnival of Time just a few days away, there is still hope to fill the position in time to deliver invitations to the residents living in Termina. But whoever assumes the role is going to have to contend with the masked imp known as Skull Kid. Meanwhile, Clock Town soldiers are looking for the masked offender. He was last seen with fairy accomplices in Terminal Field, trying to steal a horse.

In other news Professor Shikashi of the Astral Observatory has made a startling observation that the moon is moving towards the Earth at a dangerous pace...

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