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Coffee: The Fuel Of Anti-Fraud Professionals

Coffee…that hot drink that breaks you out of the morning fog and catalyzes your day. Most know it and most love it, but we don’t know a lot about it. How is this roasted bean (which is actually a seed from a berry) so good and beautiful, and what about it makes it the ideal fuel of anti-fraud professionals? Grind it up and run some hot water through it, we are talking about coffee and fraud fighting.

One predominant theory on coffee and fraud fighting dates back to famed fraud expert and theologian Dr. Rudolph Bonhoeffer. Bonhoeffer’s stance was that when God began His Creation, He did so by looking at both sides of history. Seeing the rise of theft and fraud, He realized that those committed to stopping it would need an ally. Developing the right chemical composition and taste was a cinch (because He is God). God then tucked the bean away to be discovered and used later, which brings us to here. How many times have you heard someone say something along the lines of “God, I needed that coffee” or “Thank God for coffee”? This is not far off from Bonhoeffer’s Big Bean Theory.

The problem of good fraud fighting is a simple one. It requires a certain amount of brain power, and it can be draining. The taste of the coffee sets the professional up in an analytical mood. The caffeine found within the bean superchargers the person’s brain to keep them focused on solving the problems and cases that come up on a given day. To better understand the science behind it, renown caffeine expert Professor Maxwell Folgers offers his wisdom.

“When we drink our coffee in the morning, the fluid goes down our esophagus and into our stomach. As it travels through our system, the caffeine is pulled and distributed into our bloodstream. It is like a transformation of body and soul; we become superhero-like. This is very helpful to many professionals who need that extra boost!”

In terms of how the coffee is made, it is all up to the fraud fighter. Brewing methods can differ, especially when buying the drink on the go. There are endless possibilities that balance sweetness and bitterness. A variety of flavors can be added, and the coffee can be served up hot or cold. And let’s not forget that the taste can be influenced by where the bean comes from. Found between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, the Coffee Belt (or Bean Belt) spans five continents. That is a lot of diversity for our tongues!

In addition to what the fraud fighter likes, the type of position they have can also dictate their choice in brew. Those in upper fraud management who are always on the go may opt for a quick espresso in between meetings. An analyst working alerts might grab an iced coffee to sip on all day to provide consistent ‘alert alertness’. Those thinking long and hard about the strategies behind the scenes may go for a simple black coffee, void of any cream or sugar. [I personally have a lot of respect for such individuals, as drinking straight coffee is something I’ve tried and failed at numerous times]. Then you have your Factotums, the utility players or jack-of-all-trades, who do a bit of everything when it comes to fraud. Their coffee choices are all over the place and that's okay.

At this point you may be wondering about other drinks. Where does water, tea, juice, and soda fit in with fraud fighting? The answer is that these drinks have their time and purpose, but they can’t compete with coffee (though a strong homemade hot chocolate is very close). Think of other drinks as an intermission to that next cup of steaming goodness.

One’s choice of vessel is also influential in the fraud fighting. Your container says a lot about you. From time to time, you may need to grab something on the go in a paper or foam cup. But when you have the choice, that designated coffee cup or tumbler can aid in keeping your drink to the right temp. Combine that with the design, logos, or slogans that can be added, and you have additional motivation. One’s company or affiliated organization may also provide such containers to remind the drinker that they are part of the team!

In conclusion, while coffee is generally awesome in nearly every way, it can be overdone. Those catalyzing themselves with the drink need to be aware of the consequences of too much of it. The jitters are just one thing to watch for. You also have the over analysis that can occur when hyper focused. Coffee drinking and fraud fighting require a balance. Not too little, not too much…just right!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as your favorite Arabica blend or cappuccino. Keep up the fight against fraud!

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