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Counterfeit Checks: Bank Logo Smushing, Smashing, Stretching, or Flattening?

You know when you are reviewing paper checks and you come across a bank logo that looks like a pancake? What is that called? Does it have an official name? Whether it does or not, it is a red flag for a counterfeit check. Here are a few potential terms to consider.

Legit Logo – Disclaimer, FraudWit Bank is not a real bank.

Logo Smushing – Sounds similar to Smishing and Smurfing…reminiscent of a bulldog’s face.

Logo Smashing – Hulk smash bank logo.

Logo Stretching – Stretch Armstrong.

Logo Flattening – Like a pancake.

What do you think? Does this phenomenon among counterfeit checks warrant its own term (or multiple ones)?

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