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Job Posting: Initech Hiring Lead Internal Investigator

Twenty-three years have passed since the Initech building burnt to the ground. While the company was quick to rebuild its physical location and restaff from those who had moved on, it remained ignorant to a secret that the fire hid.

Prior to the blaze, an internal thief had diverted a large amount of funds to various bank accounts. While the fire at first appeared to be an accident, new findings have led law enforcement to believe that it was arson, perpetrated by a former employee, Milton Waddams. Soon after the fire, Milton boarded a plane to a tropic destination, never to be seen again. Police have offered an award for information leading to the arrest of Waddams, pictured below. He is said to be armed and dangerous with a red Swingline stapler.

Initech has announced that it plans to hire a Lead Internal Investigator to identify and prevent activity like this in the future. Those interested can apply on the company's website or stop by their mega complex in person. Some Saturdays required, must be good with printers and be able to work in a small office space.

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