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100th FraudWit Post!

FraudWit is celebrating its 100th post! For those new to the site, here are ten of my favorite ones thus far (in no particular order).

1) How A Car Wrap Scam Works - This presentation makes the list because it highlights an underreported scam that targets the youth. In addition, it was a ton of fun to use my 2008 Toyota Yaris' owner's manual for formatting (down to the font and color schemes). Hang in there little Yaris, you are well on your way to 300,000 miles!

2) How The BEC-er Stole City Funds! - This recorded story was originally going to be a short article about a fraudster giving money back after watching The Grinch. It morphed, resulting into the recording that Mike G. knocked out of the park.

3) Five Fraud Prevention Solutions That Were Bound To Fail - It was reinvigorating to brainstorm and detail out some fraud 'solutions' that would never make it. I still think that Grand Theft Check: Counterfeit City would be a good game. If any game developers are interested, FraudWit will partner...

4) DICTIONARY OF CONSUMER SCAMS - This started out as just a list of scams formatted to look like a periodic table of elements. From there, I wanted something short and comical about the scams themselves. The latest version includes even more information.

5) Inheritance Scammer Sets World Record For Highest Percentage of Typos on a Scam Email - I liked making the visuals on this one after receiving so many emails with grammatical errors.

6) BoldenLie: Bond Villains Most Likely To Become Fraud Masterminds - I'm a big Bond aficionado. It was neat to pair and rank Bond villains with the fraud schemes they could commit.

7) Fighting Fraud Fighter's Fatigue - Despite being an interesting and engaging career (at least to me), fraud fighting can get a bit stressful. Bombardment of attacks, losses, watching people getting victimized...all that is draining. So, what can you do to recharge? That is what this presentation covers. It also led me to write Fraudpocalyse.

8) Fraudpocalyse - With fraud attacks continually on the rise, why not write a book about fraud leading towards the end of days? No, this one isn't getting published anytime soon, but the PDF is free on the site.

9) World Endurance Scam Call Championship’s 48 Hours of Phone Scam Calls - One outcome of the Fraudpocalyse short story was more content for the blog. This was something detailed out from that was fun to make. I like the idea of a competition to keep scammers busy on the phone, to the point where scam call centers would close their doors. That plus the individual competitors special talents made this one standout.

10) FraudWit Explains Fake Same Maker Check Scams - There are variations within many scams. Sweetheart scams (as well as other ones) can take an interesting turn when the scammer sends their victim checks in the victim's name (which are counterfeit). This makes the associated deposit activity seem more legitimate to both the customer and the depositing bank. It also impacts the victim the scammer counterfeited the checks off of. This presentation features Nicholas Cage Counterfeit Check 2.0.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully you've learned a few things or found some good resources so far. More content will follow, but FraudWit needs ideas. If you have an idea for an article, presentation, or visual, let me know.


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