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Behold, The Wonderful Items For Sale on Facebook Marketplace

There are so many great things for sale on Facebook Marketplace. There are plenty of legitimate items. There are also things for sale that are odd, posted for fun, or fraudulent in nature. Here are some of the great finds!

Free ATM Booth - Let's start with something free. Free things are so great, right? Imagine that you were the proud owner of an ATM. What a show piece this would be. It appears the seller initially wanted $1,200 for it but slashed the price.

I like that this could be great for a future ATM location and the alternative uses detailed in the description. Deer wouldn't stand a chance when they visited the machine to get some cash out and got blasted. Just think about turning it into an outhouse.

If you were a fraudster, this could also be a great find. You could time yourself making fraudulent transactions at the booth. Practice makes perfect.

The possibilities of what to do with this thing are endless. It is a great example of why I need a truck. Picking up something like this would turn so many heads in my neighborhood.

Mazda Miata - Speaking of turning heads, how about a nice little sports car. Notice how it is pictured next to a cliff. Unfortunately it looks like it has traveled down that cliff more than one time.

While $500 might seem kind of steep, consider the new and used car markets as well as gas prices. Plus, you never have to open a door or pop the hood to work on the engine. The iconic first generation MX-5, complete with pop-up-and-down head lights. What a steal!

Mexican Pizza - Don't freak out. Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza has come back, even if it is just for the time being. If, however, you are interested in one from 2020, this may be one of your only options.

Can one really put a price on a Mexican pizza? This person clearly did. One wonders how this investment will gain value over the years. Imagine it going to auction years from now, making you a millionaire. Think about the reaction your child will get when you pass it down as a family heirloom.

While this post is made just to have fun, there were actually many instances of people selling food through Marketplace. As for this one, it is likely still in someone's freezer, waiting for that special person who will buy it and cherish it.

Bank Vault - What if you got that free ATM and wanted to load it with cash? You would need a place to store and secure that money. Look no further than this beautiful and antique looking Mosler Safe Company Bank Vault.

The Mosler Safe Company was found in 1867 in Cincinnati, Ohio. It eventually relocated to Hamilton, Ohio in 1891.

Mosler operated until filing for bankruptcy in 2001 and was eventually acquired by Diebold.

In this FB sale, it appears someone bought a Chase bank building. While a bank vault is a really cool feature for any building, they needed the space. Unfortunately, this vault costs more than a dollar (taking offers with the cost listed at $150K). Possibilities of what to do with this vault are endless, if you can find a way to move it.

Mott's 100% Juice Apple Juice Empty Bottle - This person knows what they got, asking $6,500 for an empty bottle. What possessed them to post this for sale, we may never know. Is there a long and exciting story behind this vessel of juice? Was it drank by a royal? Did it come from the trash of some famous person?

The only problem that can be seen with this is that $6,500 is a high price for something used and in fair condition (though the summary states the condition as good). For that price you would want it in pristine condition.

2019 Aston Martin 2018 (Pupusas) - Turns out that you don't have to be a British secret agent to own an Aston Martin. For just $2 you can own an iconic car...wait a minute, that picture doesn't make sense.

This vehicle has an automatic transmission with only 2,451 miles. It has an orange exterior with a white interior. In addition, it is a one owner car and is paid off.

Okay, so it isn't an Aston Martin. A pupusa is, per Wikipedia, "a thick griddle cake or flatbread from El Salvador and Honduras, made with cornmeal or rice flour, similar to the Venezuelan and Colombian arepa. In El Salvador, it has been declared the national dish and has a specific day to celebrate it."

So why list it as a vehicle (and an Aston Martin at that)? There are not very many for sale in either local or national searches.

Regardless of why this is listed as a car, these pupusas look very appetizing. The chefs behind this are using a flat top grill that puts some great grill marks on the food.

$1,000 Toyota Tacomas - Want a decent smaller truck that can last for years? Look no further than the Toyota Tacoma. Strangely, fraudsters appear to like the truck as well, listing many different trucks for sale for only $1,000. Here are some notable quotes from these posts:

"I'm feeling this truck from family problems!"

"I always keep it in a garage, no trust..."

Notice the cookie cutter descriptions from the first three listings. By all appearances these are listed to either gain more information on people interested in the fake Tacos or to try to engage in an online sale scam. If these were legitimate, I would own a fleet of Toyota Tacomas.

Paperclip - I hope this person ends up owning a mansion as they start a series of trades with a paperclip they found. The idea behind this was linked to a blogger who went from one red paper clip to a house within fourteen online trades over the course of a year from 2005 to 2006. It went paper clip to pen to doorknob to camp stove to generator to "instant party" to snowmobile to two-person trip to box truck to recording contract to a year's rent to an afternoon with Alice Cooper to a snow globe to a role in a film to a two-story farmhouse.

Whether or not the individual trying to trade this paper clip can do this remains unknown. Good luck paper clip guy!

Heart-shaped Wendy's Chicken Nugget - Every once in a while you will find a food that looks like something else. Grilled cheese sandwiches that look like Nicholas Cage can go for big bucks.

This person found a chicken nugget that they believe looks like a heart (it also kind of looks like an elephant). Such a find comes with a price, and a hefty one at that. They are going with the retail price of $100,000 for this new nugget.

A few questions that might need to be asked prior to the sale of this wonderful piece of deep fried chicken:

  1. Does it come with sauce? If so, what kind and how many are included?

  2. Are the other nuggets included in the sale of this one? If so, what are they shaped like?

  3. Can it be gift wrapped?

  4. The summary mentions that they might also consider trades for a nice yacht, lake house, or something of equal value...would they consider a paperclip?

I hope you have enjoyed this compilation of weird items for sale on Facebook Marketplace. If you are looking to buy anything, have fun but stay safe.

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