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Introduction to FraudWit.com

Fraud is an ever-growing problem with more victims losing both dignity and money to criminals who often remain in the shadows. It is also a crime that, in many ways, can be prevented with knowledge. While many resources are available to the general public, they may not have the same reception, appeal, or absorption of information...it just might now click [we need it to click].

FraudWit.com takes an alternative approach to fraud education. With short, quirky, and humorous articles and other content, the site opts to teach using satire. Content is created with two groups in mind; consumers and fraud professionals. Information to consumers is used to prevent victimization while information directed towards anti-fraud professionals is to catalyze the industry and address fraud fighting fatigue (FFF).

Take posts with a grain of salt; there is fraud related truth in each one. As a quick disclaimer, please note that the satirical perspective is not intended to make fun of fraud victims, to downplay the severity of fraud or to glorify the crime; it is to draw attention to the crime in an alternative way. Enjoy, share, and use this information to protect yourself and those around you.

Brad, creator of FraudWit.com

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