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Kitboga Is The "Queen Bean"

Another great scam call fielded by Kitboga. In this one he is posing as an old lady (Martha) going through email with a tech support scammer on the line. The scammer is warning him about the emails being fraud (fake ones he had sent to himself). He pretends that he is a black market bean dealer, growing and selling beans from the sealed off basements of unsuspecting Chicagoan suburbanites.

Sounds strange? Definitely, because it is. Even Kitboga can't hold it together for some of the call, which makes it even better. Here were a few good quotes from the video.

"Hi, I noticed your craigslist ad yesterday about the can of beans you had for sale? Couple of questions first. First, would you consider trades? I have a slightly used tent I would be willing to give up for it. All it's missing is the top..."

"I'm sitting on thousands of cans of beans Mary...I got beans for miles...underground tunnels full of's a Beanopoly is what it is."

The YouTube version can be found at Kitboga videos are funny, engaging, and educational when it comes to understanding the schemes and lengths that scammers will go to get money.


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