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Self-Proclaimed ‘World's Greatest Scammer’ Accidently Scams Self

GEORGIA – “I never thought I was so good,” states scammer AvidCon9432.“I just got so caught up in the schemes that I couldn’t help but fall victim to my own one. That’s just how great I am.”

One year ago, the 28-year-old scammer sent a volley of scam emails out to a list of recipients deemed to be highly susceptible to Romance scams.

“It was full of desperate and lonely people. Not sure how I got on that list given how awesome I am; everybody loves me,” the scammer continued from the living room of his empty mansion.

“So anyway, I get this scam email and it just resonated with me, so I responded to it.” The result of the response for Avid was a nearly year-long romantic correspondence with himself.

“I talked about how I wanted to visit America and how much I had in common with myself. Things got confusing when I asked myself to send money to…myself. Finally, I just had to meet the person on the emails. So, I sent them a wire for ‘$5,000 USD’ to be able to meet me in Miami, Florida.” Needless to say, Avid was in for the shock of his criminal life.

“In one of my mule accounts I noticed a credit for $5,000 come in. I thought to myself, no this can’t be. But sure enough, when I checked, I had sent the money to my scam persona. At first, I was utterly devastated; that the person I was talking to was just a figment of my own imagination. I had trusted them. But now, I’m doing pretty good with it. I think it just goes to show that I really am the ‘World’s Greatest Scammer.’

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