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Self-Proclaimed ‘World's Greatest Scammer’ Accidently Scams Self

GEORGIA – “I never thought I was so good,” states scammer AvidCon9432.“I just got so caught up in the schemes that I couldn’t help but fall victim to my own one. That’s just how great I am!”

One year ago, the 28-year-old scammer sent a volley of scam emails out to a list of recipients deemed to be highly susceptible to Romance scams.

“It was full of desperate and lonely people. Not sure how I got on that list given how awesome I am; everybody loves me,” the scammer continued from the living room of his empty mansion.

“So anyway, I get this scam email and it just resonated with me, so I responded to it.” The result of the response for Avid was a nearly year-long romantic correspondence...with himself.

“I talked about how I wanted to visit America and how much I had in common with myself. Things got confusing when I asked myself to send money to…myself. Finally, I just had to meet the person on the emails. So, I sent them a wire for ‘$5,000 USD’ to be able to meet me in Miami, Florida.” Needless to say, Avid was in for the shock of his criminal life and his love life.

“In one of my mule accounts I noticed a credit for $5,000 come in. I thought to myself, no this can’t be. But sure enough, when I checked, I had sent the money to my scam persona. At first, I was utterly devastated; that the person I was talking to was just a figment of my own imagination. I had trusted them and they had lied to me. But now, I’m doing pretty good with it. I think it just goes to show that I really am the ‘World’s Greatest Scammer.’”

[Repost from July 2021]

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