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Self-Proclaimed World's Greatest Scammer Defrauded; Doesn't Like It Much

GEORGIA - He's a self-proclaimed grand fraud influencer who also thinks he is the world's greatest scammer. He has managed to scam himself, attempted to defraud a fictional wizard bank, and has the record for scam hybridization attempts. And he is back again, though the circumstances are once more different. AvidCon9432 is by no means a humble person, which made it hard for him to come forward with some very sad news in his life.

"I have been defrauded," the 29-year-old relays with his head lowered, sitting in his vast and empty mansion he bought with stolen government funds. "And I didn't like it much." A solitary tear drops to the floor and misty eyed, AvidCon9432 opens up to the tragic loss of $500 through and unauthorized ACH on his personal (legitimate) bank account.

"The bank is going to reimburse me, but this is something that is hard for me to deal with. For years I've been scamming and defrauding. I was so good at it that I fell in love with myself in a romance scam I myself. It doesn't feel good to be victimized by fraud; I know that now. I'm on edge like 'what is going to happen next' and 'is my money safe?' Now I truly know what my victims feel... I will really need to get that out of my mind so I can go back to scamming them."

Clearly the inner turmoil this fraud muppet is dealing with is not hitting home. Avid has the empathic range of a pebble. Sad.

"Okay, I think I just needed a good cry," Avid concludes, wiping an eye. "It's no big deal, right? The victims get reimbursed and I get paid. Simple as that. They aren't really even victims when you think about it."

AvidCon9432 has forgotten the Golden Rule, to treat others as he would like to be treated. The horcrux of fraud has shattered his soul. We can only hope and pray for such a person. For more of Avid's fraud endeavors, check out the following posts:

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