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Starset's "The Breach" Is A Harsh Reminder That Technology Can Control Us If We Aren't Careful

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

For those unfamiliar with the band Starset, they're a hard rock band that started in 2013. Their music has a lot of techno elements and a lot of their lyrics and music videos are sci-fi related. They focus on technology and the exploitation of it in much of their work.

Their 2017 music video for their song "Monster" shows the world in a VR apocalypse, with everyone completely consumed by immersive electronics. It is a bit startling and is reminiscent of science fiction movies like the Matrix. Even more concerning is that it is seems closer to reality in 2021 than it did when the song came out.

Starset recently added a new music video from their album Horizons (2021). "The Breach" starts with views of a city surrounded by a digital wall. It shifts to a family of three, all of which have some type of electronic device connected to their temples. These devices approve what the family does and controls their choices.

While looking outside, the mother notices a breach to the digital wall. The family pack their things as quickly as possible, run out the door, and are gone. The camera cuts to them driving out of the city. For some reason they drive past a few abandoned Porsche 928s (no complaints on that other than that they are abandoned).

The mother and father are reassuring their child, who appears happy. They are finally disconnected; they are free. The family suddenly realizes that something is coming after them, flying over their Chevy Tahoe. Meanwhile, the digital wall is starting to come back. It is targeting the SUV. The mother moves their child to the front and goes to the back seat of the vehicle. The wall collides with them and it all goes black. A screen comes up, "Partial Targets Acquired 1 - Female."

It is now dark and the father wakes. He looks to his son, who appears to be alright. They made it. He looks to the back at the mother. The lights on her temple have gone from white to red. She is unresponsive and presumably dead or disconnected from the collision with the digital wall.

The father holds his son and cries as lights approach. They exit the SUV and walk up to what appears to be someone from a resistance effort. The song is over.

Not a typical thing to share on FraudWit. It isn't humorous in any way. The point in sharing is that we are very connected to technology right now. And it helps us...until it doesn't. In ten or twenty years, is Starset's "The Breach" still complete sci-fi? Or are we moving to a new world of sinister connectivity and immersive reality?

"The Breach" can be found on YouTube at

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