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The A Little FraudWit Book Collection: 20 Titles That Will Have Children Learning About Fraud

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

[Disclaimer: these book covers, titles, and summaries are not published.]

Do you ever have trouble talking to your kids (or grandkids) about your job within fraud? It can be a tough, complicated subject. So, FraudWit has come up with 20 kid's book ideas that could help teach about what fraudsters are up to and what the fraud fighters will do to stop it. Enjoy and share!

20) Multi-factor Authentication Is Like A Burrito - Burritos are a fantastic food that can teach kids about multi-factor authentication. It is because of their layers. Yes, onions have layers too, but that is a Shrek reference. The more layers to the burrito, the better it is...beef or chicken, rice, avocado, veggies, cheese, sour cream, beans. Multi-factor authentication is the same way.

19) The Spider Who Spun The Dark Web - Inspired by Darius Weber's fake true story about his search for the spider who spun the dark web (, this book dives into the dark web. Spoiler...a spider didn't spin it.

18) Social Media Karen Meets Jimmy Buffett Online - Celebrity Imposter Scams are a thing. From actors to politicians to musicians and more, people get duped into thinking they are talking to a famous person online. Karen, obsessed with social media, is also a Parrotheard. When Jimmy Buffett reaches out to her needing help with the band, she is quick to assist. She gets into loads of trouble when she finds out it was never Buffett, and she's been muling money for a fraudster.

17) Hang Up Grandma! It's A Phone Scammer - Sue goes to grandma's house for a day. While Sue and grandma play a board game, grandma gets a call. Someone has infiltrated her bank account and social security number? Her money needs wire transferred to another bank? Hang up grandma, it's a phone scammer!

16) Piggy Banks, Don't Let That Scammer Take You Bacon - Piggy Banks is enticed by a nice pig he met online who knows all about a new cryptocurrency called Hogcoin. Be careful Piggy Banks, it is a Pig Butchering Scam! Check out for the full story!

15) Steven Squirrel Studies For His CPE - Stay up late with Steven Squirrel as he spends his evenings studying for his Continuous Professional Education. Just don't spend too much of your time, Steven...or you'll go nuts.

14) Pugalicious Superstar McMillan Tries To Buy A Commercial Grade Deep Fryer Online - We all want a deal, right? Join the lovable pug Pugalicious Superstar McMillan as he attempts to purchase a deep fryer online. Check out,, and for all of Pugalicious' adventures.

13) Cynthia Searches For A New Vendor - When fraud fighting cat Cynthia needs a new vendor to deal with a new trend popping up, she has a lot of options. This book cover can go one of two ways. Cynthia can be overwhelmed with all the choices out there, or be organized and optimistic about her future solution provider.

12) Bad Conduck - Bad Conduck is a duck devoted to phone scams. Trouble is, he can only say "Quack." Visit for the full story.

11) Meow-Meow Studies For A Fraud Certification - Meow-Meow always dreamt about fighting crime. When an investigator position opened up at her job, she got the fraud bug. Now she is working hard and studying for a fraud certification to take her career to the next level!

10) The Bad Check Day - Art was excited to open up a neighborhood lemonade stand. Unfortunately he didn't know about check fraud. When Mackenzie offered him a check (scribbled in crayon) for a cup of lemonade, he was quick to accept. Unfortunately the check bounced and his whole lemonade operation is now in jeopardy.

9) Mr. SpaceMonkey, Fraud Analyst - A former astronaut, Mr. SpaceMonkey seeks a career as a fraud analyst. You and your child will laugh when he goes bananas while working alerts. Excellent job on stopping all those bad guys, Mr. Spacemonkey.

8) Whiskers Commits Identity Theft - One day, Whiskers the cat went on the dark web to buy some stolen identities. Posing as Lara Labrador, she then visited area banks to open accounts and apply for loans and credit cards. Fortunately, Lara Labrador had an identity monitoring product that alerted her to the activity so all the bad accounts were closed.

7) Will Gets A New Car Through Income Misrepresentation - Will wanted a new shiny red car. But Will only worked as a part-time llama wrangler on Tuesdays...well, every other Tuesday...when the weather allowed. Point was, he didn't qualify for a loan. So, he used income misrepresentation to snag his snazzy ride.

6) Romance Scams - Victor thinks he has met the love of his doggy life. Read as he goes through the phases of a romance scam, from the elation of a new relationship, to the head over heels romance, to the "WAAAT?", and the sadness which follows.

5) Captain Sharkfin Pillages A Blue Post Office Box - Aarggh, we all need weselves a good pirates tale...except that this pirate only pillages blue post office boxes looking for checks. Join Captain Sharkfin and his monkey Bucko as they sail from town to town. Will they get away with the buried treasure or will the authorities catch up to them? [The authorities will totally catch up with them].

4) Bot Attacks - 'Nuff said.

3) Baby's First Book of Forensic Accounting - Start your baby out on the right track by getting them their first book on forensic accounting! You as a parent will weep tears of joy when you see your baby navigate their first financial statement.

2) Trash Panda Dumpster Dives For PII - Jimmy the Raccoon loves going through the garbage. There is a smorgasbord of food. It is also a good place for Jimmy to find PII (Personal Identifiable Information). Kids will learn about all the important personal details that this trash panda finds when rummaging through the rubbish.

1) Sleepy Auditor... Coffee To The Rescue - Sleepy auditor has had a long day. Sleepy auditor is sleepy. Tired. Slumber. Dreams. Zzz...sleep auditor...zzz. COFFEE TO THE RESCUE!!!

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