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What To Do With Checks Now That You've Stopped Writing Them

So, you finally decided that checks aren't a safe way to transact through the mail. Maybe you even gave them up all together. If you did, welcome to 2022!

With giving up the paper, you are probably wondering what to do with those boxes of blank checks you have amassed. Sure, you could shred it, but where is the fun in that? You might have paid good money for those checks. Maybe they have Garfield on them, your favorite college football team, or a beautiful beach that you wish you could travel to. Here are some great ways you can make use of your unwanted checks and checkbooks!

1) Write A Check To Yourself For One Billion Dollars - Now that you've given up your check writing habit there is one last check to write. You've always wanted to be filthy rich, right? Time to treat yourself. Write a check to you for one billion dollars because your are awesome. Now, if you are asking whether to negotiate the item in any way the answer is a 'hard no.' This is something you frame and cherish as the last check you ever wrote!

2) Pot Holder - Whatever hot vessel you are using for cooking, use your unwanted checkbook to hold it. You don't want to get burnt while baking muffins or pulling a nice roast out of the oven.

3) Papier-mâché Project - You'll need a lot of checks for this one. The good thing is that there are endless possibilities.

4) Book Mark - A check or checkbook can act as the perfect bookmark for those long reads. As you drift into your fiction, you will have calmness knowing that you will not have to dogear the pages of the book. You can even date the check to show when you start reading...just don't let it go stale-dated!

5) Make A Flip Book - Your check book is the perfect bound paper to make a flip book. Put your amateur animation skills to the test!

6) Drink Coaster - As a Fraud Fighter, it doesn't matter what you are drinking as long as it is coffee or coffee. Put that coffee on a coaster, but not just any coaster! Your checkbook is perfect for that perfect cup of joe.

7) Return Address Label - Just because you are no longer sending checks in the mail doesn't mean you can't send a letter. Take a check and cut off the maker name and address section. Then use clear tape to add it to the return address area on your envelope!

8) Origami Jumping Frog - Amass an army of origami jumping frogs using individual checks. The addition of googly eyes is completely up to you. Forget check fraud...this is check frog!

As you can see, the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to finding new ways to use unwanted checks! Can you think of other ways?

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